Friday, July 30, 2010

Talking the Talk AND walking the walk

Am I at risk of getting laryngitis AND blisters?

Last night my Stampede Booty call texted me after a week of being non-communicato. We were to have plans on the Tuesday when I got back from Vancouver but after not hearing from him I sent him a text asking if he forgot about me. He called about an hour later and I let it go to voice mail. He left some bullshit message about his grandpa being sick/dying etc. I didn't respond.

I deleted him from my phone and carried on with life. So last night I get a text from him and I responded by saying I didn't know who it was (true) and when I DID find out I pretty much told him I wrote him off and that if he actually wanted to woo me that actions speak louder than words. I felt good about my decision and though he 'said' he's going to come to my going away party on Saturday and PROVE to me that he's into me...I am not holding my breath nor do I actually expect him to follow through.

If I've learned one thing from Jordan it's that words are completely useless unless there are actions to back them up. I was so caught up in Jordan's ability to be verbose that I completely failed to notice that for all his pretty words there was absolutely NO actions to back them up.

So I have decided to do things just a bit differently from now on. I'm not only going to be very verbal about how I'm feeling and what I want, but I'm also going to be paying very close attention to words met with actions. Empty words are just like a trashy romance novel - sure they may get you excited but no words have ever been able to give me an orgasm or keep me warm at night or dance with me or put a ring on my finger.

So la! It is true what they say - actions DO speak louder than words and I won't accept anything less than BIG BOOMING ACTIONS!


Chelsea Clark said...


My name is Chelsea and I manage the website which provides dating advice as well as reviews of popular dating websites. I enjoy how personalized your blog is!

I was wondering if you would be interested in adding me to your blogroll and I can do the same? Please let me know if you are interested in this partnership.


Kathy said...

Hi Chelsea

I'm a technological peasant and have no idea how to add you to my blogroll or even what a blogroll is. If you have a blog on blogspot then I'm sure you just click 'follow' and you'd be a follower of my blog and receive updates on when I post. (Get ready there is a MASSIVE post coming soon!).

It should be noted that I do not give anyone permission to reproduce my blog or writings in any way whatsoever without express written consent from me and payment by the party that wishes to publish my blog.

Go ahead, be awesome!


Chelsea Clark said...

thank you for the dating advice

funn-blog said...

I think that women in general want to feel protected and safe. But that is a very egotic thing to do, u say this and that about the men who want u but all that matters is what YOU want. So put yourself in others shoes before u say and do.

Kathy said...

It's not egocentric to want to feel like your partner is actually there FOR you and not just there because they are bored or don't have the balls to be honest with you and end things.

I think that people forget what an actual relationship really is. It IS about what you want and what you will tollerate. It's up to YOU to find a person who will mesh with your goals, values and lifestyle and not to try to put square pegs into round holes.

BE HONEST! If you don't want the same things as your partner then END IT!!!! That is what I'm talking about, not just hanging around because you lack the courage to follow your own heart.