Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm speechless...

Check THIS site out. I think I am inspired!

I am considering signing up for Burlesque Dance lessons....they are $350.00 and it's only 8 classes...but I get a costume and a show and hair and make up lessons with it. I am *thinking* about it but it does seem cost prohibitive.

I am also thinking about my next hair do - I might get a fringe again...I'd like to be a 40's pin up girl.

My stomach hurts - I had a salad with beef strips in it (well cooked) but somehow my tummy is protesting. *sigh*

Gym day tomorrow and I am happy about that.

Sooo disconnected in my thoughts tonight.

Monday, August 27, 2007


That's right...I've finally said it. I have been neglecting The Single Files mostly because it has felt like a great big phreakin' giant albatross.

Time to suck it up.

My dating life in the last 4 months has totally sucked but I think it's because I wasn't expecting anything great from it. I have recently learned that YES...you DO get back what you put into things.

I have made a conscious decision to start making POSITIVE things happen in all areas of my life. This means trying to make some time every night to blog - and it doesn't have to be about dating...I think that was a huge part of me not writing anything...I felt obliged to write only about love/dating related topics. Screw that...I can write what I want to! There are no more rules.

Having said that, I will try to maintain well formed sentences, grammar and spelling though we all know how lazy I am with spell check. I still have no idea why my spelling is so poor when I read so much...maybe I should be writing more as well.

Today I finally got my Learner's permit so the driving will begin fairly soon. I hope to be fully in License mode by my birthday in OCT but we'll see how that goes.

Sometimes getting back to basics means starting all over - and that is a good thing. Build a good foundation and the rest of the structure will be sound as well.

Right...off to bed with a good book for me.