Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And the good vibes continue

Sooo....I'm dating people. Well...possibly not 'people' exactly...I've been on 3 dates in 3 days and they were all with the same dude!!

Roger is cute and nice and we'll see if we can continue to hang out etc. It also doesn't hurt that he's a Sommelier and I'm eager to learn more about wines from all places. weee.

Anyway - a new 'writing' for your amusement.

I am trying to very hard not to think of you. I am trying not to remember what it felt like to kiss you for the very first time – a meeting of mouths, a slight parting of lips, tongues shyly seeking each other out.

I am really trying to focus on anything besides the memory of your hands in my hair, pulling me closer into you. I am pretending that I don’t still taste you or feel your breath on my neck, or hear your voice murmuring lascivious desires into my ear.

I am clearly failing at removing the mental image of you stroking your hard cock directly in front of my face and how I was equal parts turned on and frustrated that you wouldn’t let me take you into my mouth and run my tongue around the ridge of the smooth head.

Now - a sudden rush of wetness between my legs as I clearly re-live the moment when at last I was able to wrap my lips around you, feel you writhe and twitch with pleasure and finally explode into my mouth – hot liquid bursts of gratification. Kissing you afterwards, sharing in the taste I felt my own loins constrict with bliss.

Even now I try to push from my mind the memory of your fingers buried deep inside me…stroking me and coaxing me to cry out with ecstasy. Then again when the bud of my clit - fully engorged and begging for your touch was played with ever so gently - your fingers lightly skipping over it and then a new sensation as your tongue found the hard nodule and worked it over – licking, sucking and probing.

Yes…I am trying very hard not to think of you today and how my body is alive with sensations too sensitive to mention.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sen Sah Shon Elle!

Tin Foil - you are absolutely right...there needs to be less boring and more snappy.

So I need to get my game face on...and here are some inspirations for me to bring my A Game.

First of my first loves HOCKEY. Can you guess my favourite part?

Also, I was reminded today of a conversation I had with my brother early last week and in it I mentioned how proud I am to be Canadian and suddenly...without prompting we both started quoting SIMULTANEOUSLY ....THIS! It really made us both laugh.

And get myself all pumped up and ready to embrace the Fabulousness, I am brushing this off and will Celebrate keeping off all the drama.

Onwards! Upwards! Hoorah!!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Put the crack pipe down and step away from your keyboard.

C- please. How could I publish a comment that was obviously written when you were high?? (spelling, grammar and the blatant no-no of using proper names tsk tsk).

I'd love it if you could just for one minute think before you go off typing. Just this once?? Please?

I'm not going to lecture you about pots and kettles and where they lie side by side in the grand colour scheme of things. I'm also not going to point out the many times you've been the instigator of gossip and half truths.

What I'd like for you is to stop smokin' the crack and for you to stop going off without all the facts. You will never win a Pulitzer prize for journalism if you keep glossing over some facts and misinterpreting others.

Valorie admitted that she believed the Vexation post to be about her (The whole V - V thing y'know). We spoke about it today as I'm sure you are aware. I never named the Vexation so for you to "know" who it's about...well...I am sure your job at the psychic hot line is fascinating! Please pass on my regards to JoJo.

Seriously. This has never been about you so I'm not so sure why you're so concerned with it.
If my posts bother you so much why do you read them? I display my feelings on they are happening. Some are positive, some are negative and other still are simply silly.

This part of your rant really confused me"
"Also, dont think I dont know that you made some really shitty comments about ME thinking that dumb vexation post would be about Mme. YOU ARE VAIN if you think thati feel like I am a part of your life enough to warrant a post like that."

I never once said that you were the Vexation, never once named that person, never once told anyone that you're "Vexing" aren't even a blimp on my social radar for how is it that you could vex me without even interacting with me at all?? THIS is what I'm talking about!! By just taking a moment to think rationally about something you can avoid the embarrassment of ASSUMING! Don't go posting comments without thinking about it first. I'm not sure why anyone would say such erroneous things to you ...unless it was to see you over-react in your usual manner - and you didn't disappoint.

Anyway, I would have posted all of your misguided comments had you not disobeyed the only rule I truly have for this blog...No. Real. Names.

Not sure what I did to completely offend you...don't really care either. Like I mentioned the Vexation post...if you don't have the courage to step forward about something that bothers don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to chopping someone off at the knees.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bravery...let me explain it to you.

So I have decided to remove the right for anonymous comments on my blog. The reason being that I am always very open about my feelings and thoughts on here - regardless of how I may be judged because of them - yet the anonymous posts on here just sort of piss me off.

If you can't be arsed to be brave and be accountable for your own comments...I can't be arsed to have them. Seriously.

I am also forced to remind my readers once more that this blog is half truths and half fiction and I don't feel obliged to disclose which story/event is which. You may just choose to read or not read as you see fit. This isn't something I'm forcing on anyone...there is no gun to your head.

I heard through the grape vine that Valorie thought the post about the Vexation That Shall Not Be Named was about her...and to that all I can say is "that made me laugh". Literally. I laughed out loud long and hard. Y'see...I do change the names of people to 'protect' them in some manner...but I had already named Valorie in my "Fuck You Plato" post. It's true I use the first letter of the 'real' name as the start of the fictional name...but I don't give people 2 names and I don't name them when I say I'm not going to name them. Savvy?

If I were to talk about Valorie then I would say "Valorie this " or "Valorie that". Also, what further surprised me was that I was pretty clear that the VTSNBN was acting very strangely towards me...IF Valorie was behaving strangely towards me then I simply didn't notice. We don't really talk that much y' it would be easy for me to NOT notice if she was purposely being belligerent or childish around me.

In any event...I am firm in my decision. If you want to leave a comment then by all means...own your comment and be brave enough to have a name...else it's just more random some of my posts are just random crap too.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The In-Between Girl

It's like phriggin' deja did! Seriously...what is up with men who just want you to be their In Between Girl?

They want to hang out, they want to have sex, they want to essentially date you...but they only want to do that for a predetermined amount of time (unbeknownst to you of course).

I guess I should be quite thankful that I have a very inexperienced Playah trying to finagle me into the In Between Girl role. He has pretty much laid it all out in the open and just thought it was quite odd that I looked at him as if he suddenly grew a 2nd head and said a flat out, emphatic and unmistakable "NO FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!".

I believe that I have been the In Between Girl before...I didn't like it. I also think I might have posted about it before.

Now I'm not kidding myself here...I know I'm not quite up to 'Relationship Time'...but some casual dating would be nice. And maybe it's just because *I* am not the one thinking "this will just be temporary" that I object to this whole notion of "In Between".

I am honestly not quite sure what the difference is between my idea of 'casual dating' and Riley's "In Between Girl" is...except that when I say casual dating I guess I don't think that I KNOW there is an end...but I am not SURE if there is a long term future. With Riley, he KNOWS where his long term is...his ex fiancee... He KNOWS they are getting back together. He KNOWS that all he really wants is to have sex with a few other women before he marries his ex.

He keeps saying he's afraid of not having sex with someone else. He's been with his ex since he was 17. SEVENTEEN!!!! MY GOD!!! And he keeps referring to it as "onegina" Oh how clever...using the number and trying to use part of the word vagina in there. Nice. Onegina...yes...clever. It's not that easy to combine a number and some part of dick or prick or cock or penis. Especially penis!!! Because the plural of penis is not penis...but penises...and that's a lot harder to be clever with.

Now don't get me wrong...I don't believe that anyone should just settle after their first experience. But c'mon I think we all know that it's extremely rare that someone survives a relationship with ONE person for that long. At 17 you are just figuring yourself out. your mid 20's you are STILL figuring out who you are.

Or maybe it's just me that has only just sort of NOW figured myself out. Maybe I really am a late bloomer in so many ways.

Anyhoooo. I am probably blowing this all out of proportion as per usual. I thought...I guess I just sort of hoped in vain that perhaps...perhaps just this once, that I could get what *I* wanted when *I* wanted it without compromise!

Sure...I could carry on with Riley...have more fantastic sweaty all night sex...and then when his ex comes back into town he can put me aside and have the engagement ring that is currently in his EAR (yes, he had the stone converted into an earing that he's wearing) BACK into a 18k white gold ring for her... But really...why would I even bother to waste my time??

The sex...almost, but not quite worth it. I it's fucking (literally) amazing...but pretty soon I'll get emotionally attached and then very soon after THAT he will get more and more emotionally distant...and then my resentment would really blossom into something even *I* would despise.

*sigh* Best to nip this one in the bud I think.

On a different note - I promised more on the monkey sphere. And you may read allll about it