Monday, November 21, 2005

The Lovey List

Alrighty! I have spent the last little while wondering what is important to me FOR me. I have come up with a few things and have listed them here. I think that Lists are an important part of my life. I never feel like I am enslaved to them, rather they help me not to be a slave to chaos.

I figure I have 3 key areas of my life that I need to focus my attention on so that I will once again feel more settled and happy.

* I vow to go to the gym 4 days out of 7.
I don't have to go on 4 consecutive days...but in a 7 day period (typically from Sunday - Sunday) I must go at least 4 times to the gym.

* I vow to walk to the seawall (all 10K of it) on one day of my weekend provided that it is not raining heavily. I have a rain jacket...I can use that if it sprinkles/showers. If it's pouring down rain...I will give it a pass. My goal is health...not pneumonia

*I vow to join a Kundalini Yoga class once more. Further more...I vow to NEVER blow this class off for ANYONE! This class will be MY class. This is something I need to do for myself and I will not compromise this for anyone.

*I vow to cook more of my own meals and to bring my lunch to work every day except Fridays. Friday will be my treat day to eat out at The Salad Loop. (yummy garlic beans)

*I vow to eat my food more really chew and enjoy my food and not wolf it all down in 5 minutes.


*I vow to be kind to myself. This means not calling myself names or getting down on myself when I make an error.

*I vow to live in the moment. This means letting go of the past and not worrying about what people think.

*I vow to buy myself least 10 large gerberra daisies once a month.

*I vow to get up early every day to style my hair, do my make up and face the world with class.

*I vow to give more hugs, compliments and kisses.! Well...for now my kisses are reserved to my two gorgeous nephews.

*I vow constantly pursue my own sense of self worth and beauty. This means getting better acquainted with my body.


*I vow to read one non-fiction book in between fiction books.

*I vow to learn another language. Spanish! New classes begin in Jan.

*I vow to take in more shows at the Art gallery, more Live Theatre and more Live Music.

*I vow to learn about the wines I enjoy so much by attending wine tasting around town.

This is just the beginning. Feel free to add any suggestions. Remember that it has to be inspiring and it has to not harm anyone.

Lovey Dovey Kwerkie.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Once more into the breech

I can't remember if I used that title for The Single Files....I think I have used it somewhere somewhat recently but for the life of me I can't seem to remember any specifics. Ah well...Shakey baby will forgive my usage of it I'm sure.

I'm sure you are all wondering where the hell I've been for the last month or so. The answer to that is simple...I was hiding from you all. Yes, it's true. I even considered retiring The Single Files due to all the comments that I took far too personally. I'm a sensitive chicky...some comments hurt.

HOWEVER! I can't blame anyone but myself for that. When I started this whole thing off I knew that I was writing some pretty intense stuff and so much of it so honestly and openly that it was only a matter of time before my feelings were hurt. And so la - it happened.

I will continue on with The Single Files and it is unlikely that I will be able to change my open way of writing or sharing...I will just learn to deal with the comments in a better way. This is not a plea for those of you who do comment to stop commenting nor am I asking you to cushion your comments. Don't change, you are wonderful the way you are.

I have broken up with Ronan. It has taken me a while to do that and even longer to post about it, but there it is...done. I'm not going to get into the nasty details of it all. Suffice to say that there was something about camels, straws and a broken back.

I am still feeling blue about it. I am sure that made the right decision and I know that at the end even he knew that we were not a good enough match. It doesn't deminish the hurt...there was a lot of love there at one point. Sadly, love was not enough.

So now that I am single again I will; of course, be getting a hair cut. Yes..a hair cut. I have just managed to grow my lovely locks back again and now I must once more chop them off. I am the Sampson of dating. My hair gives me special dating powers so in order to fully recoup from my broken heart I must chop my hair off and start again.

I am confident that by the time my locks are once more lengthy enough for full on Kitten status I will be once more ready to venture out into the dating world. Until that time...I am on a very serious journey of getting back to ME!

The First Step of the Journey To Me required me to update The Single Files.

For the next little while The Single Files will be a reflection on me being Single...not dating...but facing the every day issues as an active participant in my own life and happiness. This might make for some mundane posts, but I believe that there will be some wisdom and good ol' fashion mental health benefits in there - something which I know I can use right about now.

I believe that in order to focus on this whole process properly...that it will be necessary to make a Loving List. Something that I can look at, work towards, and put into action EVERY DAY to improve myself on 3 key levels. 1) Physical Health. 2) Emotional Health. 3) Intellectual Health. now to compose The Kwerkie Lovey List.

Dan - I have not forgotten about you and was very pleased to see your link on here. I haven't been reading very much but vow to start my regular viewing habits once more. Congratulations on the new post and I will share my reactions on here for you to see :).