Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1001 Sexy Sultan Stories

Or.....maybe just 1.

I have had this idea about a Sexy Sultan's tent for about 5 years. I had an image in my mind about a hula hoop draped with sheer linens hanging from a ceiling covering a very low table, a floor filled with cushions and candles everywhere. This idea was for something romantic and lovely and sexy. I had not, until recently, ever felt like any of my lovers deserved that much awesomeness. Until Jordan.

Jordan finally came home after being away for over a month and in the week up to his arrival I had been plotting and planning and designing the Sultan's Sexy Tent for his return.

Now I took the photo before the set up was complete - but you get the idea. The whole project took me about 10hrs to complete only because I had to keep adjusting my design idea to accommodate both budget and space. Total cost for the Sultan's Sexy Tent was $60.00 and the BEST part of the whole thing is that all the components can be dismantled and used in again for a different purpose.

When Jordan finally arrived I had the whole Sultan's Sexy Tent set up and though the lights were a bit too bright it still managed to be sultry and sexy which really was the entire goal. I had prepared a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean meal which included the following: pita bread, tzazkiki, hummus sauces for appetizers, pan roasted lemon potatoes served with grilled beef and green/red pepper kababs. For dessert...baklava! We had 1 1/2 bottles of red wine over the course of our evening and ate our meal in the Sultan's Tent sharing a plate that was set on top of pillow over our legs as a table. We ate with our fingers and licked the sauces and juices from them...it was all very delectable, delicate and delicious.

In the background I had some ambient music on and regretted not spending an evening sourcing out belly dancing music. Once we had finished our appetizers and main course I treated Jordan to a bit of a belly dance to the music that was playing. I have never in my life felt so sexy as when I was dancing for him and he was giving me words of encouragement. I was the most uninhibited I have ever been and it was such a playful evening full of sensuality that it will not soon be forgotten!

I am falling in love and I'm not even over thinking things! It's amazing. This feels like the healthiest relationship I've ever been in and in so many ways it's surprising and refreshing. I am not allowed to get away with my normal relationship garbage, he can't get away with any avoidance of topics or issues and we both have based this on mutual respect and admiration. The foundation of this is so solid that I feel comfortable building my hopes and dreams upon this. I am not worried about what I look or sound like. I am totally myself and I realize that this is either going to work out...or it's not. And there isn't much I can do about things to sway it one way or the other...I am just going to be the most awesome me I am...and things will naturally fall into place.

The best part has been waking up next to Jordan and just being quiet for a little while and snuggling up close. The happiness in these moments of silence fills me up so much I have no words to even express myself.