Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not kidnapped...but definitely kid friendly

I know it's been ages since I've posted but there have been SOOOO many things going on.

Firstly....I was in Costa Rica for 21 days and there was no way I was going to waste my time and money in an internet cafe posting about how crazy I was to miss Mattias as we weren't together that long etc.

Secondly...as soon as I came back from Costa Rica I was away again on 2 more work trips and so I was trying to just get back to me, back to Mattias to see if things can progress with us and just generally catching back up.

Alrighty....there are farrrrr too many details to try and sqeeze in here so let me just give you the jist of it.

1) Costa Rica was FABULOUS and I once again can't say how fabulous it is to work in a job that lets me travel and do what I love and just be happy in general.

2) Mattias and I racked up a $600.00 phone bill while I was away...and we talked for 2 weeks straight when I got back just to catch up. Things are going VERY well between us and I am trying to keep things in check and not get all swept up in things.

3) The Kids. I love them....they are all unique and have very distinct and different personalities...especially the twins! I think they really like me too so that is cool. I play with them and I also have been disciplining them (normal stuff like "stop hitting your sister" and "take your brothers head out of the toy box"). I made them all eat alllllll their veggies before giving them a fudgcicle.

So yeah...I admit it....I have been day dreaming about what it might be like to be with Mattias and all the kids in the future....sort of a Brady Bunch episode only I don't bring my own kids into the mix seeing as I don't have any.

I may have babysat over the years all ages of kids from infants to 12yr olds...but this isn't the same. It's not just a job or one night...this would be much much bigger than that. I'd be lying to say that this doesn't intimidate me to some degree...but I also love a challenge.

On Sunday I thought it would be a great idea to go to Aldergrove Lake and let the kids splash around and we'd have a picnic lunch and all will be well. Grea idea right???

Ok...so I get the kids to help me get some stuff together and I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself. Mattias gets our stuff together and was figuring out the vehicle situtation and it all looked like it's coming along well. We get to the lake and let the kids loose and we splash and play with them too. Pretty soon it's lunch time. Left over hamburgers and salad from dinner the night before. Hmmm...great. I failed to pack any ketchup or mustard for the burgers, no plates and only 4 forks for the salad and the best part....NO Napkins or Papertowels or anything to wipe their faces with. I did bring iced-tea and cups....thank god!

It seemed to work out OK but I realized that there is no such thing as playing domestic. I should have made a list but thought I could just whip it together. Mattias was helping as well so it's not like I was trying to do this all on my own but I was in charge of the food and he was in charge of vehicles, towels and toys.

Yeah...I felt pretty bad for fogetting what I am sure seems like the basics...but I had little helpers that were making more mess than actually helping. The funny thing was...I wasn't annoyed about it! It was bizzare!!! I'm sure it might wear off but he's a good Dad and it's not like I"m watching some Dead Beat Dad or Ignorant Mum NOT watch their kids or dump them on me etc.

Mattias has talked to me about his fears that I'm going to get bored with him and the kids or that I'll miss my single life style or that I'll just decide that FIVE kids is wayyy too much to handle AND date etc.

Well...I like spending time with Mattias and it's very easy and relaxed and things seem to be going in a direction that I like. This is NOT a race...let's just see what happens...no rushing into things....just seeing.