Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Les Printempts

I love Vancouver in the spring. Cherry blossoms bursting from trees, pale pink whispers to darker pink kisses. I think the Japanese have something there when they sexualize Cherry Blossoms.

The weather today was typical Vancouver - it started sleepy and grey, clouds threatening to leak water from their seams, but then the sun came out and convinced them to save their moisture for another day...the weekend perhaps.

I'm still dating Roger and things are going very well indeed. We have what we call 'naked chats'...and I won't insult you by thinking you can't figure out what that means. There is something very refreshing about being naked both physically and emotionally when we have these chats - it's harder to hide your feelings when you are already feeling vulnerable - I think the lack of clothing makes for more honest talks.

I won't lie to you...I'm starting to have quite a lot of feelings for Roger. I am really trying to NOT over think this and to just go with things. I have a habit of tearing things apart and likely having a lot of self destructive behaviours within most of my past relationships.

I enjoy the way we seem to fit and we're always in each other's brains...already finishing sentences and knowing what the next witty retort will be. We seem to be totally at peace with each other which is quite lovely - and I am the most open with him on a sexual level as well so there's another added bonus.

So we shall see how this continues to grow and as long as I stay in the moment I think this will be a fantastic journey. I am not thinking of it ending, I'm not planning our wedding or naming our unborn children - I am just really enjoying the steps on this journey as we take them.

For once in my life I am completely in the present and it feels calming and freeing and I am deeply happy.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Have I mentioned...

How great things are right now?

By "things" I just mean life in the most general sort of way. I am , of course, still very swamped at work and every day there feels more and more frustrating - but my happiness is coming from other areas right now.

I am getting to the gym on average about 4 times a week and that is making me feel soooo goooood. There are always a million excuses for me NOT to go...but once I am there I actually enjoy it. It's great ME time.

I am trying to keep my apartment cleaner...though still have a challenge in the bedroom. I don't know why I'm such a messy mess...I am slowly changing that behaviour though and one day will be a cleany clean. teehee

And...another important plus is that I'm dating a fantastic guy! I know it's new and I know it's all in the beginning stages...but I am just happy and enjoying it. I don't want to think too much about it...I want to live in the NOW!

I am burning my candles, drinking my wines and making sure that I'm not just waiting for some imagined perfect moment to celebrate things in my life. I am celebrating me...every day. Do you knwo why? Because just like the L'Oreal commercial says...I AM worth it!

I've been working on a few pieces and when I'm happier with them I'll post them on here for your enjoyment /critique.