Monday, December 11, 2006


Alright so not as posed as Tina Louis, but y' can't have it all.

If you look closely you can see that my TV is sporting the word "VIRGIN" I wonder what that means???

What do you think of the colour?? Matches my eyes n'est pas?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Island Ginger

This is "Ginger Grant" - dark lustrous red hair...the lipstick is a bit much but it's really the hair you need to pay attention to here.


I am going to be posting picture proof soon, but for now you have to take my word for it. I am GINGERLICIOUS! Oh yesss. Red Hair baby!

My friend Shaylah has just graduated from an esthetics school where she has become a MASTER of hair and make up. She is currently charge welllllll below average prices for transforming the rest of us into the Best US we can be. I have a great hair cut and have been taking some make-up lessons and now...NOW I have RED HAIR!

It's not just any red. Not "I think we're alone now" red. (Thank you Malcolm The Eye Guy), not "You've got some s'plainin' to do" red...Gilligan, Marrianne, the Captain and The Professor TOO Red. Ginger. Ginger was my favourite. I have probably only watched about 3 episodes...maybe 2....1??? But I do remember her being very luscious...very curvy and EVERY man's fantasy.

Do I think this new hair has transformed me? Not really...but it is very striking against my peachy creamy skin. I have received quite a few appreciative looks from lots of guys. I'm only slightly saddened to tell you that most of them have been from older men. The BEST compliment though was from my colleague Sasha who walked into the office on Monday morning, saw me and exclaimed "Oh Kwerkie! You're BEAUTIFUL".

What an EGO boost! Weeee. I have to say that Sasha is very good looking. Hot even. So coming from her I felt very pretty indeed.

I haven't been able to create the "salon oohhh lah lah" that Shaylah is soooo good at, but I am getting better and playing around with different tools and products. Funny now that I am 32 I am taking more and more interested in being girly. I have mastered the Day Look of make up. I look like I'm not wearing much make up at all - all very light and airy. The Evening Look is something I am working on, I've never been one for much make up so I find applying darker shades a bit daunting - god knows I don't need to look like some sort of painted whore.

I will post Ginger and myself as Gingerliscious very soon.

Bon Soire!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Rightyoh! It's D day. be honest, D day happened a while ago.

I finally broke up with Mattias. It's been rough...and we still talk. Had a bit of a set back last week when we did hang out and then...well...yup. Not proud - just sharing. Hard to believe that I can't just seem to quit this guy. I think it's because for the first time in a long time I was in a relationship that was 90% friendship before anything else morphed into our relationship.

Having said that, our relationship wasn't nearly as romantic as I would have liked it to be. Sure he was sweet and said lovely things to me all the time, but there was that certain 'je ne c'est quas' that was missing.

I think that many men equate Romance with large Expensive gestures. I would have to say that whereas a lovely romantic meal out or a bouquet of flowers (no roses for me thanks...please ensure there are a few Gerberra Daisies though) or even a piece of jewlrey are lovely and do in fact cost $$, Romance doesn't have to be all Grand nor does it have to be Costly.

I can think of a particular romantic night I had with Bentley. I arrived at his place and was greeted with such a tender hug and a lingering kiss that I melted. After taking my coat he led me into the bathroom where a lovely hot bubble bath was waiting for us - candles lit and wine waiting. We disrobed, sank into the tub and it was sooo luxurious to relax and talk quietly and sweetly to each other as the bubbles crinkled around us. Total cost might be $20.00 (wine + bubble bath).

2 1/2 Years and 4 Men later I am still saddened over the ending of Nelson and I. Ridiculous really as we were together only a short 4 months. He has somehow stuck so deeply into my heart that I haven't been able to shed him. Like a sliver that my body has absorbed but not done away with.

I have to decide when I want to go to Calgary. Will I do it at the end of this work season? I feel badly for my office...not that I am thinking I'm irreplaceable - but I think it will be difficult to leave them knowing that Gerald will probably retire this year and then the 2 new girls will be alone with Seamus (my boss).

Do I give them one more year? Go in 2008 and then start my life over in Calgary at the ripe age of 33? Surely by then Seamus would have hired someone else to replace Gerald and the 2 new girls will have a year under their belts and then they'd only have to deal with 1 newbie.

I don't want to make this decision lightly. I am worried that I am putting my sadness at my lack of love life/family life ahead of a smart career move.

I would like an easy button of my own.


*poof* Mr. Right appears and we fall deeply madly in love, spend a few years on our own before having a family before I"m 38.

*sigh* If only it were that easy.

I don't want to "settle". I want it to be REAL. And as the Supremes have taught us "You can't hurry love".

As for the links...I don't even know how to manually put them in - Sonny did that for me.

I'm a technological peasant!