Monday, May 21, 2007

My very own Mr. Big

So yes...all was quiet on the Kwerkie front for a while and that is because I was keeping Mr. Big on the down low for a while. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't just spouting off about another one of my short term dating dudes and thought better to introduce you to him once I was sure that things would be more than just 2 weeks or so.

Mr Big is not the same Mr. Big as one might expect from the popular show "Sex & The City". My Mr. Big has his name from his Big Heart, his Big Brain, his Big Frame (6ft 2 and body of a Rugby player) and mostly because of his Big Sense of Humour! Still, I can't keep calling him Mr. Big...I shall name him Ted.

Ted is totally different from 90% of the guys I've dated. Firstly, he's 6 months younger than I am and I do tend to date older men. Secondly, he's never been married, no kids and lately I had been dating guys who were either separated/divorced and who had kids. Thirdly, he's not a sporty guy but more of a culture guy and he knows more about various movies and music than dare I even say...Malcolm the Eye Guy!!! (and that is a hard act to follow in that regard).

After a few weeks of off and on seeing each other due to both our seriously hectic schedules, I wasn't too sure if Ted was actually into me. At the beginning of our dating he said a few things that were very 'futuristic' in that he was talking about us being together for a long haul which both excited me and made me a bit nervous. Then he seemed to really pull back and be more cavalier. On Friday when we had a much over due date after over a week of not seeing each other, we had a nice heart to heart about 'us'. I am not a once a week girlfriend. I like to get to know the guy I'm dating and I find that hard to do with only 1 out of 7 days to do that in. We agreed to begin the sharing parts of our lives - opening up the windows of our social circles to each other and see how things go from there.

So the beginning of that was a Games Night over at Russ's place just the previous Saturday. It went much better than I had hoped though I was aware of being a bit goofier and louder than perhaps normal (perhaps). At the Games Night was Russ and April (Russ's Girlfriend), Rhia and her boyfriend Ben and Rhia's daughter Kerry, Angela and Monique. I have a LOT of time for these people and they are what I would call 'my keepers' plus they are the most calm/normal of my friends so it was a natural choice to introduce Ted to these folks. (I admit I don't know Angela well and am, in fact, scared of her...but the rest are awesome).

The night was fun and light hearted and even seeing how Ted made sure to include Kerry in the conversations endeared him to me even more. He seemed to gel very well with my friends and even won the cut throat game of Pictionary that we played. After the game we had a great time chit chatting. Ted told great stories and was quick with witty comments here and there. After the games and stories were over Monique gave Ted and I a ride back to Ted's place where I spent the night.

After a short game of Lego-star wars we went to bed and chatted and cuddled and it was lovely. Yes, we've had sex in the past, but it wasn't on the menu on Sat night mostly due to my cramps and his head ache. It was just nice to cuddle and be quiet with each other. I'm actually going to be shy on the details of our sex life mostly because I like this guy...and have been feeling like the things I have already shared with my girlfriends have somehow betrayed him so I will keep the very private things private unless asking for advice.

I'll try to keep you posted on how things are going...but for now I will leave you with this. I am dating a very nice guy and I am feeling very good about the potential for Big Things. Even if this ends in friendship, I am already ahead of the game here - Ted is simply someone who is genuine, caring and I always feel good in his very presence.