Sunday, April 08, 2007

Let's play ball!

So Softball season is upon us and I have indeed joined 2 teams. I am only slightly concerned about my 2nd team as they are sooo farrrrr away and I am sans vehicle in which to travel to/from the games. However, I am fairly confident that if the games are in the afternoon (and 90% of them are) then I will have plenty of time on a Sunday to get out there.

Also, if I ask nicely, I may even be able to hook up with a fellow player somewhere along a skytrain or other handy transit route. I am bound and determined to make both teams happen for me as I really like being outside AND...I really like softball.

I should probably thank the Nasty Anonymous poster for bringing The Single Files once more to the surface - though I'm not feeling *too* generous as the comments were pretty crappy. Here's hoping she stayed around for the geography lesson.

In other news, one of my monkeys had his 2nd birthday on Friday. Alexander was such a happy little boy -he knew it was his party and he was so sociable, I was so impressed. Also impressive was that I was there all day amongst many toddlers/babies including a 6 week old new born and I was fine! I didn't melt down or cry or anything of that sort. I was perfectly happy cuddling and playing and just hanging with the little peeps. It was tres cool.

I made it out to the Girly Luncheon on Friday as well and saw a few of my keepers and survived the rest of the pollen. I have to really thank Sheilagh for that saying - too phreaking funny. People whom I am not that close with are like pollen, I don't have a problem with them per se, but they make some other people rather uncomfortable. mwahwhahha. Pollen. *chuckle* to yoga! More soon!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In the Public Eye Ayeyayaye!

One last kick at the Kwerkie eh Anonymous? So brave of you to come out of hiding and identify yourself - way to have a backbone there. I guess you must feel fairly clever despite being cowardly.

Sure, I'll keep your recent comments - why not? If you are the same Anonymous from the past 2 nasty comments (and I believe you are) then I guess this just further exposes you as a small and petty person.

I'm also curious about your comment "exposed as a fraud". I'd like to see how - have you bothered to READ the disclaimer? I'm guessing in all your fervent attempt to find nasty things to say about my posts you may have missed it. This is just one more example of you going off half cocked without doing the proper research.

Thank you for the spelling correction though - Reggaeton - I'll change that soon. Spelling is most certainly not my forte and I have been lazy with the spell checker.

And while we're on the subject of Reggaeton, here is yet another indication of your own ignorance. So, your education continues today with a lesson about LATIN AMERICA.

LATIN AMERICA refers to any countries within the Americas (North, South and - gasp- CENTRAL) where those languages derived from Latin, predominantly Spanish and Portuguese, but strictly also French — are officially or primarily spoken. Latin America is distinct from Anglo-America, a region of the Americas where English predominates.

And just to clear up any confusion -here is the definition of Reggaeton: Reggaeton blends Jamaican music influences of reggae and dancehall with those of Latin America, such as bomba and plena, as well as that of hip hop. (there's more to it but you get the point I'm making here).

I would hardly call wanting to delete negative and rather meaningless comments a Bushism -you are entitled to your opinion and this blog is hardly anything more significant than my own entertainment so why can't I limit it to only positive comments and other items? No one needs to read your negative tripe any more than they need to read my postings - but I'd like to keep it as happy a place as possible and clearly your sort of comments/behaviors don't fit in with a happy and fun place.

Hopefully you haven't moved on so quickly that you can't take some of this with you.
Best wishes to you Nasty Anonymous.

P.S. - nice IP address

Walking papers delivered.

I did leave a comment in the previous post - a retort if you will to yet another "Anonymous" post but I thought I might just make this bolder statement.

If it's so painful for you dear "Anonymous" to read my posts and to hear about my experiences in whatever form they take then let me give you this golden nugget of advice - stop reading. Wouldn't that make the most sense? If it displeases you so much, why torture yourself with it?

Perhaps what fills your life with pleasure is to be mean spirited to people behind a guise so you are never having to face the full consequences of your actions/words. Perhaps you are so petty that being spiteful is the only way you actually feel something - anything - at all. I hope that this isn't true. I hope that you have a wonderful life filled with many moments of happiness that no one ever deems it necessary to point out your flaws or judge you without full knowledge of any one given situation or spout off about topics they honestly have no clue about.

I invite you to leave dear "Anonymous" so that my blog no longer effects you in any way and you can go about your own life as peacefully as you can.

Stay if you must "Anonymous" , but I will from here on in be deleting any more noxious comments left by "Anonymous" or indeed anyone else for that matter.

There are so many positive things happening in my life in the last week or so that I have decided not to make any room at all for negativity - be that as 'small' as comments on my blog to as 'large' as removing negative people in my life.

So take your walking papers and hold you head up high "Anonymous" - I don't wish you any harm, in fact, I wish you well.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Self indulgence boots

So I recently received an anonymous posting saying...well.. that my blog was shit basically. I laughed when I read it -how typical of someone who has something unpleasant to say to hide behind anonymity.

Of COURSE this is self indulgent! My goodness...what other purpose does this serve if only to entertain ME and let ME brag or complain or do anything at all that relates to MY self. I shake my head at the ignorance of many.

Is it poorly written? meh...probably in large parts.

Stick to my day job? Absolutely. Let's review the goodness of my job right now.

1) Raise #2 for the year coming my way in T minus 3 days.

2) Now at 5 weeks PAID holidays

3) Escorting 4 groups a year including but not limited to such fabulous destinations as: Costa Rica (just got back), Germany/Austria (July), Montreal (April) and Cuba in August for reconnaissance mission and then escorting one of my groups in April 2008 to Cuba.

I haven't even finished my groups for 2007 and I already have 3 international groups on the go for 2008! Deposits in and everything! The board is so full of 2007 stuffs that I can't even put up my 08 groups yet. Ah well...all in good time.

The comment just smacks of someone who needs to criticize someone else to make themselves feel better.

So go ahead Anonymous - shit all over my blog if that's what gets you through the day. It makes no never mind to me!