Friday, June 17, 2005

Oooh La La

They say that Paris is the city of Romance. Well...if that be true than Montreal is Canada's version. (don't give me that crap about Niagara Falls being more's just's crawling with tourists worse than flies on dung)

I had the wonderful fortune to be able to go to Montreal to attend my girlfriend Corina's wedding. The BEST part about it was the Ronan came with me!!! (The trip to Montreal is how my illness started...I'm convinced of it!).

It was touch and go there for a while if Ronan was able to come with me. He gave up a LOT to be able to go and I probably haven't properly thanked him for that.. He missed out on a huge project that he had been working on at work...though I still believe he gets most of the credit for it...he just wasn't there at crunch time. Instead...he was having beers with me at the Vancouver International Airport.

We took the Red-Eye from Vancouver to Montreal on Thurs 09JUN and arrived safe and sound if not a wee bit sleepy on Friday 10JUN. I always freeze on airplanes so I made sure to wear jeans and a t-shirt along with my fleece jacket. When we disembarked from the plane the heat hit me like a huge salmon in the face! WHAM. I began to wilt from the humidity nearly immediately.

Corina was there to greet us and I couldn't help had nearly been a year since I had seen her so I bolted on over and gave her huge squishy hugs! It was soo excited. After collected myself I went over to help Ronan collect our luggage. I was beaming with pride and joy when I introduced Ronan to Corina - who gave me the wink and nod of approval for my fabulous taste.

(side note - I still look at Ronan and get butterflies in my tummy. I think he's drop dead sexy).


Corina and Dean were really busy on Friday as it was the day before their wedding. We took them out for breakfast after a quick luggage drop and wardrobe change at their place. After breakfast they put us on a bus to downtown Montreal and let us explore.

This was by far the best day of touring! I think that we might have walked close to 30Kms. I am NOT exaggerating. For those of you who know Montreal I think you might agree. For those of you who don' me.

Off the bus from Dorval (where Corina lives) we took he Metro to McGill station. From there we walked down St. Catherine to Old Montreal. Once there we took in such wonderful sights as miscellaneous historical buildings-turned hotels, Notre Dame Basilica (WOWZERS), Place D'Arms (neat-oh) and then all the way down to the Old Port. Once at the Old Port we walked the 8km stretch and looked in all the boutique shops before getting an ice-cream that melted before I could truly enjoy it. Oh yes...did I mention the temperature was 39 degrees C but with the humidity was closer to 43 degrees Celsius? (For my American friends...take 43, double it and add 16 and don't forget to remember what humidity is like...the air so thick you can barely breathe).

At the Old Port we thought it would be a great idea to head over to Olympic Stadium and take the venicular up as well as see what the Biodome is all about. Off we go to the nearest metro station which was 4kms away. We made it in time to see them locking the doors of the Olympic Stadium at 5:05PM on a Friday. Quelle Poopey! Over to the Biodome across the way only to be met with the same fate. TABERNAC!

We sat and watched some swimming at the Olympic Stadium and planned out the next stage. We have now been awake for close to 34 hours and it's 6PM. We are both fading and need to re-energize if we are going to take in Crescent St for the nightlife.

So back down to Old Montreal we go. Back at Place D'Arms and in time for a small but brief breeze to come off the water. We decided to take a horse drawn carriage ride through Old Montreal which was expensive but great fun and very romantic. Our driver received dirty looks from his fellow horsey-dudes and I overheard one of them yell something less than flattering in French. Funny how my 13 yrs of French had not really come in handy and the only French I could understand was all the bad stuff!

We went to a cute little restaurant on St. Paul's (restaurant road really) and then off we went to take in some bars. Did I mention that it was Formula One weekend and that the place was PACKED with people? 9PM and we could barely move through the crowds. Somehow we made it to Crescent St and I couldn't believe the number of people! There must have been close to 20 Thousand people in the downtown area!! The visible lack of law enforcement was also something new. Had that been Vancouver you wouldn't have been able to walk one block with out seeing 10 Montreal...we saw 3 cops in a 3 block area.

We ended up back at Corina's around 3AM after a disaster of me loosing her address and us walking around her neighbourhood for about an hour and a half. At that point I was so tired I was snappy and crying at Ronan. We had been up for 47 hours.

The wedding was beautiful! Pictures to follow soon.

Sunday Ronan and I went back down town Montreal and took in the Olympic Stadium and were stuck at the top for 45minutes as the venicular refused to work. When we were finally down on the ground once more we took a lightening fast walk through the Biodome. I was SUPER happy to see the monkeys there. (I have a thing for monkeys...don't ask...just accept.)

Those 4 days in Montreal with Ronan were wonderful! It is so rare that we have a day off together that to have 4 in a row with each other was like a gift! I loved it. I know I was tired and sharp with him sometimes and I did have a bit of a melt down on Saturday before the wedding...but I loved my time with him. There is something really lovely about exploring a city with your was amazing.

Also...after the wedding on Saturday night we took some rather interesting photos with the new digital camera. They have all been erased to be clear...but it was so much fun taking those photos!!!

Ok....I'll see if I can upload some photos now.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

When a man loves a woman

There are a few things I think that only men who truly love their significant other would do.

The first is putting up with the whinging when said love of their life is sick.

I am feeling pretty crappy. It started Tuesday with a sore throat and morphed into Wednesday with even more of sore throat, head ache and general crappy feeling. By Wednesday night my whole skin was hurting, my throat felt like I ate razors and I had zero energy to go to my stripper class (more on that later).

Ronan was very sweet. Kept asking if he could do anything and then asked if I just wanted to hang out at his place and watch TV while he went to his hockey game. I think I managed to watch about 30 minutes of TV before I passed out. I woke up and went to bed.

During the night I must have tossed and turned like mad. I had a fever, my leg seized up in a mega cramp and all the while Ronan didn't complain that I was disturbing him. In the morning I was burning up like 15th Century Catholic - I could hardly talk and Ronan went off to the store to buy me orange juice, tomato soup and....and the thing that I don't' think many men would actually purchase for a woman unless they are madly in love with them.

Loaded up with all the necessary items I had nothing to do but lie in front of the TV, let my brains ooze out my ears and hope that the rest of my body gets better. Ronan called a few times during the day to check on me. I thought it was particularity sweet of him.

If you've been following along in The Single may remember this post? Now I can see the clear difference! He's even gone 20Kms out of his way to feed my monster! I love this man to bits and pieces.

My body aches, my head hurts and my mosquito bites are bugging me to no end. I can't wait for Ronan to come home and sympathize with me.

Kwerkei -West Nile virus ridden but loved none-the-less.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Good Morning Sunshine OR Enter Sandman?

Another posting about masturbation

I admit that I use masturbation as a sleeping aid. Don't get me wrong...9 out of 10 times it's purely for the pleasure...but some nights I'm just so restless that the only way to settle down is to get down. However...there is nothing quite like a little morning glory to start your day.

So my question is actually a request for some scientific info. How can having an orgasm (or 2) put me to sleep one night and then wake me up the next morning?

I don't understand. Are there different chemicals being released depending on the time of day?

Now before you call me crazy (again) there are some things that change with your body as the day goes on. For instance, your feet are always "smaller" in the morning than they are in the late afternoon...mostly due to being walked on and retaining fluid as you are upright...your lymphatic drainage occurs while you are lying down or off your feet and therefore your feet slim down while you are sleeping. (most of the time)

So what about these chemicals that are released during orgasm? I've often been suspicious of my body playing silly chemical tricks on me (I mean...c'mon...did you read some of my previous posts???)
Do these endorphyns or chemicals change with our body temperature, blood sugar levels, brain activity???

I've fallen asleep while masturbating before. Just as Napoleon thought when he invaded Russia...I thought it was a good idea at the time...but then I fell asleep on the job! Which in retrospect wasn't a bad thing as it is during those times when I am trying to use it as a sleeping I guess it worked even if I didn't get to have an orgasm.

But then there is the morning. I prefer morning sex. I'm relaxed, I'm more receptive to naturally my busy little fingers are at work before my brain even wakes up. After an orgasm or 2 my face is flushed, my blood is pumping and I'm ready to start my day with a great big smile on my face.

How is it different? I don't think I use different techniques for evening vs. morning loving. What IS the explanation?

Points to those of you who can find/figure it out or indeed BONUS points if you know the answer without having to look anything up!


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Attractively Naked

There are subtle differences or degrees of nudity in my opinion.

There is the Innocent Nudity - examples of this would be that of a child playing in the tub or running down the street (saw that in Gympie Australia...funny) or when you change at the gym...walking to and from the shower etc. It's the natural walk, the unashamed nakedness of accepting your own body. Gentle swinging of arms, light of step and heart.

There is the Staged Nakedness - you're pretending that it's innocent but there you are sashaying around hoping to get noticed by anyone...lover, fellow gym members...anyone who will look at your body and appreciate it. Strut of walk, glint in is the stuff that delicious mischief is made of.

There is Attractively Naked - when you pose 'just so' for your lover and it's all they can do to stop themselves from reaching out for you. Sometimes it's not even a pose and you don't even know you are doing it. This is the one I covet the most - the USAN (Unconscious State of Attractively Naked). There is a softness to it, hips rounded, buttocks smooth and breasts plump. The gentle skin under the arms exposed, a leg carelessly nudged open exposing secret pinks.

Then there is the Raunchy Butt Nekked - again it's usually posed...but this looks different. All angles, jutting out and urgent. There is a hardness about it that can only be softened by the clanging of two bodies together - hammering at each other until there is nothing but dewy softness between them, limbs languid and lithe. Where the spikes of lashes that cover diamond eyes are batted into the fluttering wings of butterfly kisses, perching in a restful pose over damp cheeks.

I am thinking about these degrees of nakedness as here I am, writing this with nary a stitch of clothing on and Ronan about to walk through the door at any moment.

Ronan been at work for about 12 hours today and I know that he's exhausted and has been cooped up in a small hot space all day and will likely want to take in a walk around the seawall. It's a nice night out...why not.

However...having said all that. I just don't want to get dressed. It's not that I am planning an attack when he walks through the be honest I"m just happy being nude and puttering around my place. Besides that...I am experiencing the a bad kind of naked right now. The Embarrassed Naked.

This means I am having a "fat" day and don't really want Ronan to see all my imperfections. On top of that I feel badly that here I am sitting around lounging the evening away when he was all tucked up in secret squirrel mode in what can only be described as a sauna with out all the benefits of the relaxing nature of a sauna.


What kind of naked is your favourite?

Are you a big fan of being naked just for nudity's sake? (i.e. when it's not about sex)

Myself - I love being nude. It's not always a sexual thing and I am always most uncomfortable with my body in that bizarre half dressed mode, so it's best if I'm just fully nude.

I have decided that as a reward for losing my extra pounds I will get some black & white nude photos taken of me. Mostly natural poses, maybe a few "sex kitten" ones thrown in for fun. To be clear, these photos will be for don't expect me to be posting any of them on here any time soon...or indeed ever.

Ok... best get going.

Kwerkie - the happy nudist.