Monday, October 31, 2005

Aging Gracefully

2 days before my 31st Birthday I had a young girl - probaby aged 17 or so - tell me (and I quote)
"You look so good for your age".

The words hung in the air and I sprouted 3 grey hairs as they clung there for dear life.

So good for my age?? Is she fucking kidding me?? I never thought *I* would be the one to say this but..."Kids these days!" Jayzus! I'm 31 I'm not 61!

I have fallen into a bit of a slump the 2 weeks before my birthday. I guess that I am feeling like I AM getting a bit old. I can actually start to hear my biological's not a nice sound. It used to be a polite "tick tick tick" in the back of my cerebral it has moved it's way to the forefront of my brain with a slightly anoying "Tick tick tick".

It gets even louder when I see my nephews but especially when I hold them. Then its more like a phreaking BOOM than a tick. But once the little ones squirm too much or cry too loudly then the BOOM retreats into a fainly audible "psst psst psst".

Oh who knows...I waffle back and forth on the kid issue. Would I like them? Maybe with the right guy and definitely at the right time. Now is not that time...and if I'm 38 and still haven't found all the elements in place...then I guess I will get some puppies instead - at least they don't talk back!

I have begun to find new things in my life to foucs on. I still love my job and I am actually beginning to think more and more about how I can do more things in the office. I would really like to have more involvment with the advertisement and promotional stuff. Right now Simone does a lot of that sort of stuff and I get the impression from her that she doesn't enjoy it so much. Besides that...she's so phreakin' busy that she doesn't have time for it! So I'd love to learn and take that stuff over.

Also...I can see where this company can grow if we just changed a few of our "set" ideas. There was talk about doing up another Festival and I think that it would be a good time to set the ball in motion for that. I am actually looking at this as where I want to go wtih my CAREER not just how can I feel good about my JOB. There is a difference I think between a Career and a Job. I'd like the first option please.

I think these are signs of maturity. That's nice. I guess I had to start maturing at some time. 31 might be the magic number!

Ok...more another time.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Excuse me…has anyone seen my stapler?

One of my all time fantasies has been to have sex on my desk in the office. I had the most delicious dream about it the other night and I just feel compelled to share.

In my dream I was meeting Ronan to pick up some things from my office before heading out of town. I was wearing a very short skirt (VERY SHORT!!) and a low cut top. My hair was perfectly coiffed (this is how you can tell it’s a dream….my hair is NEVER perfectly coiffed unless I just stepped out of the salon…and even then it has a “perfect” life span of about 30 minutes) and my make up was sexy and sultry…in a word….I looked HOT!

We arrive at my office building after hours and I use my security key to get us up the locked elevator. Upon exiting the elevator I notice that even the lights in the hallway are seductively low and there are mumbled voices from the telemarketer’s office…the only office with anyone in it at the late hour of 10PM.

Ronan is nuzzling my neck as I fumble with the keys and the electric key code lock before finally entering my office. It’s raining outside and the dim lights from the street give the office an alluring glow. I turn on the lights which Ronan then promptly turns off…this in turn, turns me on.

I walk through the centre of the office trying to find the materials I came to collect when the next thing I know Ronan comes up behind me, puts his arm around me neck to pull me closer to him and he begins to kiss and nuzzle some more at my ears. I am having difficulty standing up and lean back into Ronan and his kisses. His hands are busy running under my shirt and over my breasts.

I turn and faced him; we kissed passionately as his hands traveled further down my body and up my skirt. My g-string was removed with one fluid downward motion of his hand and body and he lifts my skirt to expose my clean shaven pink bits. He grumbles as he feels how smooth my skin is.

“The cleaners…they haven’t come yet”. I madly whisper.

“You haven’t either. Relax…we’ll hear them, there’s time.”

Half pulling half pushing me, he circled around me groping and kissing and moving me forward. I didn’t know where his hands or mouth would move next. I bump into something solid…my desk. I am pushed back onto my desk as his fingers begin to stroke and slide around my thighs. He kneels before me and I lay back on my desk as his tongue probes the sudden wetness between my legs. I am moaning and groaning with delight.

His tongue flicks smoothly over and over my clit and I am squirming with pleasure. I am desperately trying to keep quiet. The pleasure and pressure builds…I’m writhing uncontrollably and somehow manage to move my shoulder onto my stapler.

“Yes” I moan.

“Click” the stapler replies.

“Ohhh yes, right there” I sigh.

“Click, crunch click” the stapler responds.


“Click click crunch clack click crunch” the stapler is urging me on.


“CACHUNK” the stapler demands.


“Click Click CLACK”



“mmmmmmmmmmmmm….thank you”. I manage after my release.

“click” the stapler politely chirps back.

Ronan eases me up from my desk and kisses me deeply. I can taste myself on him and this only heightens my arousal once more. I return the kiss deeper and more forceful. Ronan will not succumb to my attempt at dominance and instead puts both is hands on my shoulders urging me downward to his already exposed hardness.

I needed no further encouragement. I felt so excited at doing something so dangerous. I was aware of the voices in the next office and knew that at any moment we could be discovered by the cleaners. This knowledge made me freer, less inhibited and I knelt down and began to tease him with the tip of my tongue.

At the first touch of wetness Ronan sucks in his breath. When I take him all in my mouth he lets it out with a whispered “Fuck yeah”. With one hand I grab his hands and put them at the back of my head…I wanted to be dirty…I wanted to be bad…I wanted him to fuck my mouth.

Lacing his fingers through my hair Ronan grabs a hold of my head and doesn’t disappoint me. He knew how far he could go. Ronan is not a small man by any means and taking him all in my mouth is a challenge to say the least. I did the very best I could and grew even more excited at the sounds and ragged breath coming from his lips.

He pulled me up from my knees, kissed me hard on the lips…I could feel them swell from the collision. He spun me around nearly violently and hoisted my skirt up to my hips.

I am bent over my desk, knees slightly bent to give him better access and he as he plunged inside of me and we both cried out with pleasure. And then there is nothing for it. My face is inches from my stapler and we are fucking like rabid dogs on my desk. Long hard deep strokes, with every thrust I knew I was closer to the edge. My hands are steadying me against the desk and I begin to feel the heat curl up from my toes. My cries are muffled as best as I can. As I cum I slam my hand down on the stapler harder and harder until there are 9 bent and glinting pieces of metal in a tiny pile of orgasmic bliss.

Ronan is still thrusting and I could tell he was close…and then…and then the unthinkable happened….the Cleaners arrived! We both heard them banging their equipment as they got out of the elevator down the hall. Ronan jumped off, pulled his pants up and shirt down while I also quickly gathered myself together, swiftly stowing my G-string in my purse. Thank GOD I was wearing a skirt!

A quick double check by both of us and we nodded to each other. Ronan turned on the lights as I gathered up the materials I needed for my trip. The cleaners arrived at the door just as Ronan opened it. We both smiled at the cleaner…our faces flushed and my knees wobbly. A friendly hello was exchanged between the 3 of us and then Ronan and I were off….down the elevator and into the basement both of us bursting with laughing.

It was only after I woke up from my dream that I realized how very selfish it all was. Ronan has always been keen about giving me “Kwerkie only” nights of passion and here it manifested itself into dream.

*le sigh*.

Now whenever I look at my stapler at work…I feel a deep blush in my cheeks and a deep heat between my legs.

I have new respect for the guy in Office Space. After a dream like that I don't want to lose my stapler either.

And on one more funny note....printed in happy letters on the face of my stapler are the words "Bates 550". Oh my!