Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Marathon - Part 2

Bentley didn't disappoint in his eagerness. He even offered to pick me up from the pub! I walked a small distance from the pub to the local Safeway and hung out until he showed up. I wasn't even nervous.

I enter the car and take him in. He smells good,he's clean shaven and he had a wonderful sparkly smile.

We chat amicably as he drives us downtown. A side stop at Stanley Park and we have our first of many kisses for the night. I luxuriate in the feel of his lips on mine. Our tongues take up their positions and dance with grace and style. I find myself leaning into him as a guttural sound comes from his throat.

Somehow we make it back to my Spanish Abode and I hang up our jackets. As he sees what I"m wearing for the first time he lets out an appreciative wasn't a growl but it was close enough to it.

Our bodies collide, our lips and hands are everywhere and soon we are totally naked on my bed, No one is going for gold...all hands are roaming quite freely and happily around, over, between and neither of us is in any hurry.

And then something odd happens. Somehow it slows down...somehow we are still and we look into each other's eyes. There is silence and then passion is renewed and there are no more words except for these "How serious are we on the no sex rule?"

It didn't even surprised me to hear that it was me, my voice, my mouth that uttered those words. It surprised me even less when Bentley breathed out "Not very serious at all" I grabbed a condom from my night stand drawer and we were at each other once more.

I can't go into too much detail here. It's not that I don't want to share how absolutely amazing things were, how he did things with his hands, fingers, lips and other bits that literally made my toes curl. toes ACTUALLY curled - and here all along I thought that was just an expression!!

Suffice it to say that once I had a bit of the Bentley drug...I was addicted.

In the space of 24hrs I believe that we spent roughly 18 of them naked in bed exploring each other over and over again. There are still places of pleasure I have to learn about him. Sleep was not quite on the menu...textures, smells, and all manner of pleasures were ours to be had. We gorged on each other which did amazing things to my somewhat anorexic sex life.

It was a marathon of sex. 4hrs of intense forplay followed by 14hrs of unbridled passion. I couldn't stop smiling for days. DAYS I tell you!

There's only one more thing I have to say about Bentley right now...

Please Sir....I'd like s'more.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Marathon - Part 1

I didn’t even know I was in a marathon until it was almost over. I know that seems strange…but I wasn’t training for it or had any forethought of even being in a marathon…I just sort of found myself in one!

I should also tell you that I hate running. But I loved this marathon. That’s cuz the marathon wasn’t one in which I was running…it was one in which I was fucking.

I am not even sure how to tell the tale succinctly. Perhaps I should begin back in December when there was first contact between Bentley and myself.

I guess it all started with a bit of bantering back and forth really. Some witty comments exchanged or observed and then a confession from Bentley to me that he felt I had a certain “Joie de vivre!” Clearly he is observant…for I’m sure we can all agree that my vivre is certainly joie!

I was curious about him…from all accounts his sarcasm matches my own and he was, after all, sporting a freshly shaved head. (yes I have a thing for bald guys…don’t ask just accept).

So when the next opportunity came around to meet with him in person I admit to taking special care to make my appearance appealing. (read I made sure I looked HOT!). Unfortunately, the evening wasn’t at all what I had hoped for. I drank a bit…he drank a lot. I came over to talk to him a few times and he seemed rather unimpressed with anything I had to say, nor did he engage me in much conversation himself. By the time I was leaving I thought I’d give it one last ‘go’. I was met with the complete opposite of what I had thought might occur. In fact…I think he insulted me…though we were both a bit drunk and I wasn’t sure what was going on.

The next few weeks it was a blur of Chrismasness so nothing more transpired between us.

New Years Eve…well…let’s just say that I was too busy trying NOT to kiss boys that I ended up kissing quite a few girls…though somehow did manage to kiss 2 boys in there as well.

I actually was quite taken aback by the first kiss I had with Bentley. It was on New Year’s and it was shortly after 12…probably 12:10 or so after I finished slipping Chloie my tongue for the 2nd time that night. (she’s a great kisser…tongue ring and all!!!)

I saw the glint in his eye and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I was wondering if he was making fun of me at first…until his hand slid up and into my hair, pulling my head gently down towards his lips.

The kiss started off as first kisses are meant to. A bit shy…a bit timid…lips touching lips, slightly parted…waiting for acceptance, luxuriating in the feel of smooth skin on smooth skin. The pressure on the back of my head is a bit more and we just melt into the kiss…tongues gently sliding in, probing, tasting, playing. Lips are nibbled, teeth are grazed and the kiss becomes a bit more passionate…I admit to being the aggressor in that.

I had a 2nd kiss with Bentley on New Year’s right before he left for the night. With that one we were both struggling to take control of the kiss…each one wanting to get the upper hand. Stupid drunk games… I wanted to show him I wasn’t submissive…but he wasn’t either…I don’t know who got bit more – him or me…but I still enjoyed it.

After New Year’s there was silence for a few days. Dust settling to the ground waiting for sun light to dance in.

Soon there was some MSNing…just a bit. Lots of flirting…lots of talk. Then came the time to decide if it was ALL talk…of if there was any substance behind our exchange. A challenge was thrown down by Bentley.

“tell you what. if you can handle a little company tonight, i'd be more than happy to see what kind of sparks we can throw off. no sex...but we can play.”

Play. The word jumped up off my screen, did a little dance and I swear to god it flashed me. It was so delectable, so exciting…so irresistible.

I found myself agreeing and even looking forward to calling. I felt like a woman in total control of her sexuality and I couldn’t wait to see if the written banter we had back and forth could translate equally as frisky in person.

My night went well. I met up with some girlies, we had some laughs and I even danced. I felt sexy without having dressed over the top. I felt witty and flirty with just the right amount of dirty thrown in. Don’t get me wrong;I was having a good time with the girls, but I kept flashing back to the kisses I’d had with Bentley and I found myself looking forward to midnight when I would phone Bentley and make the necessary arrangements.

Too soon or too late it was Midnight. I was nervous and excited and I left the pub in a flurry of activity. I dialed Bentley’s mobile and he answered right away.