Monday, January 26, 2009

After a long hard look...

inside of myself...I have decided to forage once more into this blog.

There has been a few drastic changes that have occurred and so I thought it high time to share. First off...the move to Calgary has been very much like a dream. Only in the dream I'm stressed out about the sheer volume of work I have to do!

I'm a bit lonely...but am slowly making friends in the real world by continuously going out and joining new and exciting ventures. I"m learning Spanish! (hola!) and I'm going to the gym (sometimes) and...I am the proud companion to a 4 legged furry baby named Tiernan!

So far I have to say that I LOVE being a dog owner! I get to go outside 3 times a day (though in the bitter cold I admit we don't go for a walk) and I'm meeting loads of neat people at the dog park.

I am far too busy at work though. It's mental how many new schools I have as clients. I am always going hither and tither and it constantly amazes me how entitled my new clients are. Perhaps they are my new clients because they have been 'fired' from the competition!

My dating life...well. I am going on NUMEROUS dates -but I'm still no closer to finding anyone who I am particularly excited about. There are statistically more men than women in this city and people here care more about personality than physicality which is refreshing but at the same time...I find many of the men here to be Momma's Boys or just lack the self confidence to be able to be in a partnership with me.

I just wonder if this move is me trying to better myself or trying to run away from myself. There is a large part of this that feels very unreal. Like suddenly I'm going to wake up and then find myself back in my old place in Vancouver.

This is such trifle but I had to at least *start* to write something. I do apologize for mundane nature of the I said...I just needed to begin again.