Monday, March 26, 2007

The Long Dark Tea Time of my Soul

Forgive me, I've been remiss in posting. Basically my energy in the last month has been spent getting up, going to work and just getting through one very long day after another.

I remember reading the Douglas Adams "The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul" and have always loved the title but never really understood it until I have had my own Mad Hatter party in the darkest corner of my very own being.

I really struggled with the death of Taliesin - blaming myself for not looking after him properly and wondering what sort of mother does this make me?

Since then I have had long sit downs with myself and just really had some serious chats with my inner child, my inner bitch and my inner goddess. It was quite the month of chats really - sometimes all 3 of my inner people seemed to be present in one day! Don't be alarmed, no one will be calling me Cybill any time soon.

The sun is out so that is helping my mood and....SOFTBALL season is upon us!

Two teams, 1 base...ahhhh the smell of leather and dirt under my nails again...weeeee

I am toying with the idea of moving - Mount Pleasant is next on the list of places I think - it's very bohemian and I dig that a lot.

So short...but I have to get to the gym.

Next on the list...a phone call to Lady K